Emil Lager

Past Games

"S.ave T.he D.ay" pits you and your friends against Rusty the rusty nail, who has attacked a helpless victim as aids cannons do. Rusty is a screw up in his family of nails and being the onl
In the year 2038, an earthquake shattered the Holy Land. The city of Jaffa survived, but is now floating at sea and being constantly battered by huge waves and mutants.
This is a game about Winston who suffers from OCD and takes us through his morning ritual. This is hard for him as he needs to perform multiple tasks over and over to make his inner demons calm. T
DwarvenLock is a unique puzzle game which uses an original method of telling the player what to do next.
Things aren't always as they seem. Reality and perspective are not the same. But does your perspective affect your reality?