Past Games

Little dude, throwing stuff. Make sound good.
As your homeship is about to explode, you have to leave it and flee in an escape pod. You can only bring a few items, but which ones should you pack?
A VR game about a day in the life of a female telephonist in the mid 50's.
Your island flies away, leaving your cat behind! Master your emotions and maneuver through a distorted gravitational pull to go get your cat back!
Myyn the witch goes out to find inspiration for a spell to be done under the first full moon of the year. They encounter two friends along the way, but what kind of witch is Myyn, really?
You are in a cube, with a lot of cubes. Most of the cubes are blocking your way out, but one of them seems anxious to get out. So the question is: what do you do now?