Past Games

Is not your food, is our food. And the collective is more important than the self, you have been selected to search for the non poisoned food, your die will be our survival, never the less, for some
Un perro que ladra para cuidar su pórtico... Hicimos este juego porque creemos que la imagen de un perro ladrando al portón nos genera un sentimiento hogareño en lo más profundo de nuestro ser.
Hay una nueva epidemia producto del estrés hará que el único medio de comunicarte sea gritar, pero cada vez que lo haces contagias a los demás.
Fight your friends with fancy insults to show off how superior you are just because you know words that no one needs.
This is a video game aimed to talk about homeless people who live marginated from the cities and societies, as a complex topic we decided to represent it in an exaggerated way, we believe that this is