Past Games

Dueling, historically accurate combatants with escalating level of challenge and sillyness. Each win nets you a bonus, which is applied to your opponent in double!
Multiplayer hide&seek game on Google Maps for two or more people. Inspired by a certain British comedy troupé.
Missing! Have you seen this emoji?
Throw the dice, bid low, aim high and maximize profits in rebuilding the city in the wake of corporate warfare.
It's a game where you defend your house.
Multiplayer rocket-controlling game of delayed signals. Game is available at http://bit.ly/fgjhumans for some days after jam. After that custom server is needed.
Two player Arkanoid-inspired score attack with Tobii Eye Tracking support and asymmetric gameplay.
You are a reformed cultist. You must navigate through the pitfalls of everyday life using the only actions you've learned at Cultist School. Can you buy bananas using your sacrificial knife?
The Tribe has fallen upon hard times and must relocate. On the verge of general pandemonium and panic, a prophet appears.