Past Games

A small child, Null, wanders about on a lark, Then encountering a forest, deep and dark. He finds ruins about, of a temple old, And seeks to explore, perhaps in search of gold. Instead of treasu
You are a parking attendant retrieving (finding) cars in an increasingly difficult parking lot. Use WASD/arrows to move.
It's after the battle, and a robot, damaged and barely functioning, attempts to limp its way off the battlefield.
A child tries to make their family happy by bringing joy to them, piece by piece, ultimately restoring their souls, and uplifting their spirits.
A game of ciphers and spies! Pair off into teams, send an encrypted message to your teammate for their global mission, and coordinate your efforts to foil your opponents by cracking their codes!
As the tides come in to the beautiful renaissance city of Venice, causing currents and waves to flow through the canals, help to manage the watergate system so that delivered goods can be transported
Over the course of human history magic and cursed relics have been found, sought, created, treasured, and reviled. Few objects, however, have been as associated with ritual as mirrors.
A Song of Water and Flame is an isometric tile-based real time strategy game set in an office building.
A colony of orb-like creatures seek to gain the knowledge necessary to bypass a series of obstacles and help their community to avoid extinction.