Past Games

Tom was once a Captain but his plane crashed, he did not give up and build a boat and become a captain again. This time Tom tries to go home!
Ultimate versus battle on high speed vehicles!
Your aim is to steer rescue capsule that is lost in space and lead it to the motherbase. Play the game where your main enemy is gravity.
Game about small robot that ends in broken station managed by super computer P.R.A.L which plays god to bring the station back to life.
This is a game about Viking who lost his father in the great battle.
War of the Farm Legend is multiplayer RTS / Hack & Slash game where you play PVP game.
What is the earth hearth? The core ofc :) and here comes some good core fun, addictive gameplay with co-op. Save the Earth! Game support keyboard and Xbox's pads. (Up to 2) How to: Keyboard: (in preparation mode) SPACE - DROP TURRET ON EARTH LEFT/RIGHT ARROW - MOVE TURRET ALONG THE EARTH SHIFT - SPAWN NEW TURRET 1,2,3 - SELECT ONE OF THE AVAILABLE TURRETH (in game) LEFT/RIGHT ARROW - ROTATE TURRETS CANNON UP/DOWN ARROW - SELECT BETWEEN AVAILABLE CANNONS ON EARTH SPACE - FIRE! :D You can choose between one or 2 players (2players require xbox pads to work, there is no key mapping for second player on the keyboard) Collect gold and destroy ships and rocks! coz turrets are not for free ;) (basically shoot everything you see there are some upgrades you can get like medkit, autofire etc) Ah there are 3 kinds of turrets, normal , double and some fancy havy cannon. You can buy some per level, and they can be destroyed by ships or meteors so watch out! How to play on pads: Upper left / right trigger select between turrets. left / right on cross to turn turret and the blue (X) button for fire.
jump, shoot, teleport, have fun
On the last week earth has been mostely destroied by strong weather distortion. You need to save the most precious thing you. What will you choose ?