Past Games

You are playing a wizard that accdidentally turned his bunny into a monster. You have to stop this monster and repair the damage that it couses before your kingdom is completely destroyed.
This game about repairing some trees with seagull's poop. Type: 2D - Platformer. Controls: two buttons for flapping and pooping.
Type: 2D - Platformer Controls: In water: wasd: Directional controls while swimming. On land: a-d: Directional movement .
Torbacılık yapan Müptezel abimiz bir parti sırasında satış yaparken polisler baskın yapar ve Tarlabaşı'nın ıssız sokaklarında amansız takip başlar.
This is a 2D infinite swimming game for the mobile platforms in which the main hero falls in love with a mermaid and tries to catch her in the sea.
Reveal the Turkish inside you! justturkishthings.