Past Games

You find yourself stranded on a broken spaceship. You must calibrate the navigation equipment with a bit glitchy console in order to find your way back home.
It's a game where you defend your house.
Play as a minion and bring up the northern lights, as Iratul has commanded! Work together with your friends in a reaction-based shaman drum minigame.
Control a group of Meebles, that obey your every command - just not individually. Deploy turrets, heal the wounded and bomb the rival Meebles away. The game requires two XBox controllers to work.
Chip away is an arena fighter game with infinite fun. The game features procedurally generated graphics, music, weapons, and levels.
Chasing the zen... You are a seeker of the zen trying to follow the path of the Buddha. Your job is to run to the last known location of the buddha displayed on the map. Run until you can hear your own heartbeat and post your score to facebook so your friends know that you're better than them! This game is more fun while outside and with friends. This game's goal is to motivate people to go out and work out... and improve public health and overall wellebeing. Enjoy!
Jorma is an old man suffering severe heart condition. Only joy in Jorma's life is Barbara, his nurse. Actually, Jorma is kinda obessed to Barbara. Too bad, Barbara doesn't quite feel the same.. Help Jorma to catch Barbara to get some love for once more, but beware of running too hard; Jorma's heart will get him killed if pushed too far. Luckily there are beta sealer pills lying around, use them to temporarily lower Jorma's heart rate!
Oh no, the loudspeaker of your Ice Cream van is stuck, and the people are gathering in hordes ! ! ! Make your customers happy, collect their money, re-stock your ice creams, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't let them near your van. Also, we (still) have a kick-ass fake 3D system. Controls are: - WASD or Arrow keys to Move - Space or Enter to shoot ice creams We love you so much, that we have included a feature to make your own levels. Instructions can be found from /other folder. Enjoy!
Time attack racing - can you beat your previous time on our racetrack? Can you do a lap under 24 seconds?
You fly a helicopter and you try to extinguish forest fire etc.