Past Games

Çalgılı çengili interaktif bir hikaye oyunu
It is a 2D turn-based local multiplayer experimental game which players trying to reach home.
Çok sevmiştin be abi! Evlendin sen o kızla, artık bi de çocuğum olsun dedin. Aldın başına belayı. Her şey çok tatlış da sen bu kargaşayla baş edebilecek misin?
Communication between two people can be complex, even you think it's simple.
Çok sevdin be abi! Evleneyim ben bu kızla, artık bi hanımım olsun dedin. Sözünü nişanını bir ettin, bu hengameye giriştin.
Parents Know Best is a text based memory game. Kids can be really tough to convince them about the topics have no clue about it.
Short definition for english jammers: We've designed a social card game (that is meant to be played with close friends) No time to translate everything to english right now, but we will definetly
Multiple rooms exist on the corridor and we don't know what are we going to find behind the closed doors.
Developed during GGJ Ege 2013
Eternal war between day and night