Past Games

Developed for the Scorpion 8++ console, Alpha Duck was a masterpiece created by visionary videographer and quintessential being Erik 'The Dreamweaver' Hogan. Before a sequel to the preemi
It started as a rogue like game and kind of turned into a PVP dungeon explorer. The game features procedurally generated dungeons, and a robust AI system.
Eat your Heart Out is a hide-and-seek multiplayer game where the Heart Bearer (Controlled by one player) has to avoid detection by the Searchers (Up to 3 other players) until he can power up and enter Heart-Eater mode and attack other players. Searchers have to use audio and visual cues to find the Heart Bearer. Note: Game works best in Chrome or Internet Explorer. Audio missing in Firefox
It is the year 4000 AD. Noah is the last man left alive on Earth. Global Warming has caused an increase in the sea level, and with it have come vast quantities of pirates. Noah must build his ark and take down the enemy pirates, all the while making sure he stays alive by eating livestock. After all... he only needs to save two of each animal.
An experimental side scrolling shoot-em-up starring a Witch on a Broomstick, with the power to disguise herself as her enemies and create time paradoxes.