Past Games

A 2D top-down casual videogame that puts you in the role of a politician that is repairing and breaking roads to gain votes while avoiding the police.
No matter where you are, no matter how you are, there is a place you can call home.
Space Traveling Debbie is a single-player defense game featuring Debbie, the space commander. Her mission is to go in and out of the alien's den injecting as much droplets of seeds as she can
Stumble Gumble is an arcade defense game where timing is essential. The player controls the four Infinity Cookies of Q, W, E, and R.
All hail the potato king! When worshiping an icon has become nothing less than a ritual, you as the hand of the king must make sure no one dares defy him.
When do we really ask our selves what do we do next(now)? When we get thrown into something we barely have a grasp on. [Xbox Controller only.]
A dream is not only something you get when you are sleeping peacefully, it is also a projection of ourselves into a world made up according to how we see the world.