Dylan Nagel

Past Games

Four famous Bot Casters battle each other to gain influence over the Martian droid population. Who will win galactic surpemacy?
In Paradox In Paradise four players compete cycling through random sequenced minigames in short bursts. Switching minigame causes it to freeze in mid-action and will continue when the players returns
You are a treasure hunter in an ancient temple. But so are your competitors! Do you make a run for the artifacts or do you sabotage the other players?
Gather your friends and run for your lives! Peg Leg Rex is an angry and hungry dinosaur, you on the other hand are short and can't run too far! Help your friends by winding their gears or sacrifice them and save yourself by throwing them at the hungry Rex. controls: xbox controller Analog Stick : move A : Jump B: Pick up other player, release button to throw Y: Break free from being picked up X: Wind other player's gear
The player finds herself trapped inside a mysterious world. The experience starts with full vision of the surroundings, but the visible area slowly encloses around her. When nothing remains, the player is trapped, ending the game. \ \ The player must push back the darkness by transcending into new states of being. However, each state changes one aspect of the player character or game world, puzzling the senses. The player must find out what has changed, and traverse the near identical level. \ \ The cycle repeats again and again until finally, finally, the transcendence is complete.