Past Games

A science experiment while searching for the cure to mortality goes terribly wrong - the reactor explodes, sending you back in time 30 seconds. \ It's just you and the six bullets in your gun against a horde of raging zombies as you attempt to prevent the explosion. Every time you fail, you're sent back again - \ but this time you have your past selves to help you. Find your way through the laboratory to the reactor core and deactivate it. But hurry - time's running out.
In Orpheo, the player travels the world cleansing it of demons and monsters. They collect souls to become more powerful in order to fight stronger enemies and cast magic. Inspired partly by Demon Souls, partly by Legend of Zelda (The original!), as well as by The Binding of Isaac, H.R. Geiger, and strategy games, this game is guaranteed to test you.