Past Games

Eng. Say NO to those tense and eternal discussions about politics with friends and family. Why not to be politically incorrect? Communicate your ideas faster than your political rival is vital.
Juego de habilidad en primera persona.
"Snake meets Pacman" retro style game. When the masses rebel and his rage is out of control, the fire light up the streets.
It's a fast and competitive game: the fight between two ideas to will become a decision.
The game we made is about a Cannibal Chef, who needs a heart for doing his special recipe in his Cannibal restaurant. The game starts when our player, the Cannibal, has just stoled a heart from the hospital of our town. Now he has to run so fast as he can to keep safe and secure his special ingredient and bring it to the restaurant where he's gonna cook it. Our Chef, will do it while some enemies want the heart so hard as he does, and while he has to reach all the blood bags so the heart keep beating the time enough to arrive to the restaurant.