Past Games

from a vacation, then you find yourself with a lot of challenges. Description: - a simple logic game that test your deduction skills and memorization.
Electron City's Powerplant has been sabotaged and cant be repaired by their own electricians.
[ Description for BACK UP! ] Once upon a time, a hardworking plumber was killed. His soul flew up the sky and reached the gates of heaven.
Developer's Warning: In just a few seconds of the game, a "boss" might appear straight up next to you, and the game ends before you even get used with the controls. Games nowadays,
Rocket Trash Adventure, is a 2d scrolling shooter adventure game in which the player controls a comical trash man character collecting biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage for super weapons(A s
Wielding a hammer and a wrench, collect as many hearts as you can by matching every falling heart with the given pattern. All the while enduring the dizzying stage effects, the pesky sidebar lady and the insufferably cheesy music. WARNING!!! THIS GAME IS NOT FOR THE EPILEPTIC FOR IT IS QUITE EPILEPSY-INDUCING! Please do not play if you are sensitive to bright colors and lights.