Past Games

A fast-paced board game meant to be played by 2 to 4 players where the "We" who builds its 10-floor tower first, wins!
When hearts are together they can go anywhere.. The way to paradise is shorter than you can imagine, you only have to keep the synchrony and head on a single direction. In this fun challenge, every step must be planned: you trail your way with the help of your partner, but be careful, the obstacles are out of control. Walking side by side you will overcome challenges and get to the end.
You are one of four slime-like creatures that are trapped on a planet, your mission is to defeat the other three and prevail. The game can end real quickly or last an eternity. It all depends on you.
You are Rovino Cars, the last of the carnivores, and carnivorism will be extinct if you don't do something about it. Your mission is to raid vegetarian farms and "rescue" the pigs they stole ("ninjaed") from the world. In an isometric world, use 5 different fun abilities to throw the pigs in the meat smasher in order to make bacon and restore the carnivorism in the World. *Control the character movement with the left mouse button and press ASDF and SPACE to use the skills