Past Games

Tabletop game using Real Life Ray Tracing technology. Participate in a game jam and create your game.
You are the hero, the one who cam make the party!
Immerse Yourself in the mysterious fight taking place in a MICROWAVE!
All about ritual
Join the dark side of game jams. This game is about gamejam itself. Goal of this game is to feel first-hand experience of most difficult and time consuming challenges in game jam.
Platform, Online Multiplayer Deathmatch Select your side: Angel or Devil, and stand againts your friends in an online multiplayer deathmatch!
This game is a survival horror with the elements of escape game type. We have to carry our main character through the series of terrifying and shocking situations. But, we have to do it calmly, our main character heart beat rate is 80 in common, but it will soon grow up because of the scary monsters we will meet ahead. 220 beats per minute, it's the maximum that human body can take; in another words, you'll die if your heart beat will be greater then 220. Struggle through mazes and misteries, avoid scary monsters and stay calm, its your only way out...
Combination between board and computer game. \ It's our first team project, and we had bad organisation and too many ideas. \ \ Game is only for 4 players. You choose one of 4 hero class in computer.Programe have information about you like hp,dmg,items. You must only moving your pawn on board and transfer information about your position to game program. We are wrote huge database with: \ - 100 weapons \ - 180 skills \ - 45 monsters \ - 121 events \ Unfortunatly we hadn't time to implement it all in program.