Past Games

Find objects that were lost in the dimensional Laboratory. Many items were lost, try not to lose yourself too.
I need your help! I left all the Automated Plant-like Defenses (APD) kinda broken. They need flesh to be repaired! Or else the enemies will reach the Grinder and clog it up!
After a tortured childhood, Lau traveled the world to find peace. However, what he found was a powerful Ice Wand with an evil spirit inside.
Pilot Wave theory is an unpopular Quantum Mechanics interpretation that says particles and waves coexist.
RELAX AND RAIN INTRODUCTION: We all have our own problems to solve and staying calm and focused is an essential part in solving them. Relax and rain goes back and forth between the world in crisi
Boring old people is an experimental game where the player controls a young child at a cocktail party. The player must explore the party and converse with adults.
Fight to the death to claim THE title of king! While being the king, set hidden traps in your castle to block the hero progress. Protect your castle and your title! And as the hero, you must evade the traps, and kill the king to become yourself the tyrant! Playable with 2 Xbox 360 controllers, require rumble for hidden traps mechanic.