Doug Thorpe

Past Games

“Fish Puppets” Short Description: Fish puppets protecting their ocean home from Crisp-pollution. Medium Description: Smartphone controlled Puppets (Pi-ppet-duinos?) in a fishtank (ocean) fightin
AR Waves is an Augmented Reality (AR) project using Vuforia to play virtual musical instruments. Vuforia is the world's most widely used augmented reality platform.
Reverse tower defense game where the player is the attacker and when the player dies, the player goes back in time to the beginning where the player becomes the second attacking unit and the first uni
As Bruno the cat, it's your meowsion to make it through your house to your litter box.
Rip Their Heart Out Rockem Sockem Robots Mashup with Lego-like and Minecraft-like Robot Characters. Either in Unity or physical hardware using Android controlled Arduino with servos and stepper motors and lightweight cardboard body parts.
2 Player Head-to-Head Man vs World.