Past Games

Mad doctor Frankenstein is creating new monster throwing limbs to the oparating table.
Kaz: Game for the classic 8-bit Atari XL / XE platform (1.79 MHz processor, 64KB RAM, 5 colors graphic mode at 160x192 pixels, and hires 320x192 pixels in 2 colors).
When you get back home from the long, cosmic journey, you discover Earth was conquered by alien onion-like forms of life... You can't allow these invaders to destroy your place of live.
Klawiszologia: S - start R - Restart planszy Spacja - skok
Top down shooter with great beats and deadly waves. Shoot the correct monolith with Dub-step Gun to unleash a sound waves that stun the nearest enemies whit the same Color then shoot them to pieces w
Caveman during the ritual goes to the distant future. Activate all the totems in the correct order.