Past Games

You are a treasure hunter, exploring underwater terrain to find coins and maybe even a treasure chest. But don’t run out of oxygen!
Annie's shadow has lost her body and is trapped in the shadow palace. Her shadow must balance light and dark to navigate the winding walls and endless tunnels to escape.
You are a scientist that is in 5Han in early 2020. Find the components of the vaccine to cure the world and repair your escape pod.
A helicopter game where you have to transport scab labour across the picket line, from the airport to the refinery. Use WASD and IJKL to operate the helicopter. Pick up scabs from the airport helipa
This is the sort of super cool VR Occulus game, where you are replanting trees in Australia, repairing the environment.
Explore the ancient ruins of civilization in this strategic tower defense game. In Repair of the Ancients, you will face countless waves of enemies.