Past Games

You're tasked with running the only mech repair shop in town (it's a tiny town).
Help a group of psychologically damaged hammerhead sharks (and their friends) by listening to their problems and finding objects that will help them feel better. Controls: WASD or arrow keys: move
Clothes have a lot to do with where we feel at home.
VR (HTC Vive) game, one player is a baby and has to explore/discover the world through taste, touch and the age old art of throwing things.
A game about providing consenting sophonts with pleasure via waves of tantric telepathic touch. How to Play: Your goal is to find and pop little sensitive bubbles by sending Waves of Pleasure alon
Back when the slightest insult to someone's honour could destroy their livelihood, the gentleman's duel was created as a way for someone to rectify the offense and demand satisfaction.
"What do we do now?" scream the unending stream of demanding heroes. Give them quests to shut them up... Briefly.
Relativity messes with pretty much everything in space, especially high-speed territorial conflict.
This is a game that inspires you about trains. In every level, you have to get your train from point A (on the left) to point B (on the right). Between these two points will be fiendish obstacles (such as circular grey mountains) and spawn points for various kinds of railroad bandits. You’ll need to learn how to arm and armour yourself in such a way that you can make it to the end without succumbing to these hordes.