Past Games

Team up with friends to control together a giant robot in order to kill your enemies and protect your people.
Someone farted in the elevator! The real question is who? Who is the better sniffer? You or your friends?
Local Theme - Holocaust - The player must try to save the baby in the hideout by muffling the noise he makes while making sure he has enough air. Could there be a possible winner here?
Mankind can build empires. But can it save one Bunny? \ \ Save the bunny from the snake. Balance the colors to hit the cycle’s goal. Do it with tens of other players. You cannot communicate. But you must all cooperate. \ \ The task is never-ending. Each cycle is 20 seconds. Go. \
Babylon Fight is a game for 5 players or less, controlling 1 keyboard. This is a actually a simulator showing how ancient languages came to their extinction trough a game, allowing the participators, each controls one language, to battle with each other to the unpreventable moment. By pressing one of two options the player can send a man to convert the other players men, or a bully to kill them. The power of each unit depends on how charged they are. Good luck! May the best language win…
Help Alice fight zombies, despite annoying hiccups. how will the hiccups effect Alice?