Diego SZC

Past Games

Esse é um jogo que retrata a fúria de um Deus indígena, o qual percebe que uma tribo começa a ser infiel.
Lil'Cthulhu needs to go deep into a hellish sandworm to stop evil imps from complete a ritual to awake his big brother. Pequeno Cthulhu precisa entrar nas profundesas de um sandworm infernal p
It's a game about knowledge, aliens and bananas. You must play it.
(English) The "Gravetix" is a board game to the digital platform.
The game is based on the idea that Ouroboros means \"to have control of your own life\" and that \"there is impossible obstacles to run through in a human's body\". The main character is in jail and find's a loose rock with an amulet and some instructions. The goal of character in this game is escape from prison \"Bangu1\", using his amulet to turn into a ghost when it's necessary. The user can only use his amulet for ten seconds, otherwise will die FOREVER!!
Guy is late to reach GGJ11 presentation at PUCPR site, and has just 5 minutes to do so. Carrying some "drinks" a friend asked him to bring, he must find a way to pass through all the obstacles and quickly reach the destiny, but beware: there's just a few minutes, and maybe those "drinks" may help Guy doing this... at some mysterious price.