Diego Pontes Floriano

Past Games

Laggernauts is a crazy local multiplayer game. Live the battle between two factions with your friends... or enemies!
Só is an exploration horror VR game, where the player needs to follow sounds walking alone through his house in a dark, eerie adventure.
An evil Jammer decides to expel the soul of your competitors for their bodies to be the one to deliver their game in GGJ 2016. And you must prevent this from occurring recovering these souls.
You wake up on the shore, don't remember anything. You look around: rocks, sand, broken boats, and the mighty sea are the only things on sight, except for something on the sand close to you.
Vikings in the Ice Age is a cooperative game for two players. The goal is to move as much as possible by controlling your boat.
Space vikings have to manage a spaceship in order to keep it running.