Past Games

A text-based UI game about recalling and recreating lost recipes. Drag the ingredients into the workstation to try to recreate grandmother's rice porridge.
The bonfire that is the home planet's life source is running out!
You and 3 other friends are working together to drive 1 car. Have fun! Requires a host computer and 4 Android devices.
Sign a waiver for the lazy river and throw rocks to knock off the other cute animal players with waves. Same-screen multiplayer with 4 controllers!
You live in a house with 3 other roommates. Everyone has a secret morning ritual they must complete before they can get on with the rest of their day.
Just as inclement danger approaches, the captain of your ship has died! You and three others are just ensigns--WAT DO?? Work together as a team to address the incoming threats.
Make it home without getting tagged!

Hearty Games