Past Games

After gambling away all of his money and his house, a demon offers to get Jeremy's house back and gives him 7 days to pay it all back, or else he gets your soul.
An intense and thrilling journey into the heart of a shady organization where you must guide your operatives through a labyrinth of secrets and lies!
A 3D hack-and-slash game with an isometric perspective. Make your way through the kingdom slaying as many demons as possible to reach the demon lord awaiting in the village manor.
The heart of the world has been shattered and broken in to pieces leaving the world broken and in disarray, it is up to you find the shards and put them back together by travelling around the world and find the shards of the worlds heart to restore the world back to a stable condition. the game is a side scrolling platform game where the objective is to collect the shards of the worlds heart the earlier levels show the world to be broken and surreal, the later levels seem to be more together to represent the world being repaired.