Past Games

An action platformer where the hero's perception of reality alters the game world.
Rabbit saga is a first person exploration game, where the player is presented with a situation that may not be as it seems.
Reverie is a 2D action game, where you play as a small child picking up of various everyday objects and instantly transformed to a role play fantasy battling ferocious beasts which stand in your way.
Gramma's ducklings have run away but Gramma is sleeping, explore the night and find the duckies but beware something that scared them off still lurks and Gramma always said this forest wasn't safe at night. Be prepared to run and hide from a hidden danger in these forests while you collect the ducklings using Gramma's light to find them and return them safely to Gramma's house.
****MOTH KIDZ**** -_- Super friends, the Moth Kidz are on an adventure of friendship! -_- It's fun and you have no arms! -_- Shoot from your belly-belt and destroy the mighty Oozerz (also Ghostlyz and Floati-Skullzz) -_- Stick together to increase your FRIEND-POWER and deal more damage as a team! -_- Collect powerups and see how long YOUR friendship lasts. -_- CURRENT BUILD REQUIRES 4 XBOX 360 CONTROLLERS
A game that focus on simple emotion experience of a journey of paper plane. There is no aim or tasks in this game. Player just have to experience the beauty visual and sound of it. Simple control : Left and Right arrows to fly the paper plane alone the wind, and Spacebar along the heartbeat to fly higher and faster.
Heart of Zarar is a game were the player controls Spaceman Jones using the arrow key through a complex bio world. The player will experience the surrounding environment to change according to the living heart beat of the ship. The player will encounter many dangers which will try prevent Spaceman Jones from escaping. The player must navigate through each level safely avoiding spikes and electric doors in order to progress to the following stages. Available on Google Play:
Heart Punch is an infinite platformer where the pace of the world's activity is dependent on your character's level of exertion. Everything that happens in the game, from doors opening to springboards springing, happens in time with the character's pulse. Moving and jumping around quickens the rate, so obstacles that are made more challenging require the player to calm their character down before proceeding - bearing in mind that a wall of fiery death follows inexorably behind you.
Codependency, a game for two players, is the journey of two lost souls sharing a single heartbeat, who must switch roles to explore their dangerous environment. Control one of two appealing characters as they seek out answers in a narrated experience. The heartbeat is both a blessing and a curse, for with it lies the potential to return to the land of the living. Its carrier will be hunted down by heartless denizens, and only the intervention of a now dead and virtually indestructible companion can save them. This power comes with a cost, as without a heartbeat the dead quickly tire and slow. Learning how to master the switch will be an invaluable skill, and with it you can progress through 9 levels and a challenging endless mode. How to play: Take turns defending for one another by manoeuvring and switching. Both players at any point may switch roles. One player must stand at the portal long enough for the gates to open. Both players will make their escape through the gates. Keys: Player 1: W,A,S,D and SPACE to swap Player 2: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and SPACE to swap
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