Past Games

An escape room where you scan each other's bar codes to learn about each other and try to fulfill your goal before time is up.
K-Sloth is a QWOP inspired co-op game where you're trainee sloth bae dancing your heart out to become a KPOP idol. The dance floor is your home, and your moves are crisp AF.
Day:X is a narrative game. During a routine mission, your spaceship's engines have been damaged beyond repair. Drifting, your job is to perform routine maintenance while sending an SOS everyday.
The Story of a Girl Unapologetically Ever As She Is. A subverted Cinderella Story.
I attempted to address positive ways to deal with depression and fear through gameplay. Mainly, focus on the good things and collect them (blue lights) and rely on the things that you love/make you feel safe to protect you from negative emotions. This game uses AR technologies. You must also download Reactivision found at (also included in the build) Place the glyph (included) on something that you love or makes you feel safe. You may hold it up to the camera at any time.
After a horrific accident involving biologic weapons the world nations all gathered. During the meeting all nations agreed that in order to prevent such a tragedy from reoccurring, they must destroy all biological weapons. Good news......unless you are an engineered Virus.....................