Past Games

A journey through space collecting sound communications from another universe.
A story about a sad boy playing with ritualistic magic has his consciousness reach a parallel universe where things quite aren't what they seem.
You are sent on a mission by NASA to mine resources from a passing HUGE asteroid. Unknown to earth, while passing through an asteroid belt the HUGE asteroid brought some family friends along with it!
You play as "Sweetboy" who is angry at the "King" as he only allows one brand of "Sweets" in his kingdom. This makes your chocolate boil!
In Pulse Unknown the player takes control of a cyborg with a human heart. However his heart does not run forever and he must complete the levels in time in order to survive. Unfortunately our team was unable to complete the game so it is missing some vital functions. For example nothing happens when the timer reaches zero, thus the player cannot lose. However this is our teams first ever attempt at making a full game so we are quite proud of what we were able to do. Thanks for your interest and thanks to Global Game Jam for holding this event. About our team, LUDOcracy: Our team consisted of Richard Fahy, Jack Coogan, Sam Gallagher and Alex Bailey. We all go to Ballyfermot College of Further Education in Dublin to study computer game development and this is our first year doing so. We hope to take part in many more events like this to build up our experience and hopefully at next years Jam we'll make an even better game.