Past Games

A quick Unity prototype for a puzzle game of sorts: Restore the scene to its original state to reveal the original audio and visuals.
Moving to a new city far away is tough, if you want to keep up with your old and new social life. But don't feel too bad, you're not the only one.
Real time strategy, but your units only move, when your carrier pigeon reaches them. ...*if* it reaches them. 2 player networking. With sound effects by: RPG Plus Shrapnel (edited, artillery
A two-player, competitive, perfect-information strategy board game where placing tokens on a hexagonal play field has rippling effects. Player two always wins. At least for now. =D
A turn-based strategy game where you join one of two factions and battle the twitch community. Created during Global Game Jam 2016. #ggj #ggj16
Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be someone else? We want to give you the opportunity to find out! ... The game provides challenges for you to try out in the REAL world.