Past Games

Tilting at Windmills is a fast paced competitive multiplayer game where two players must work together to defeat common enemies while competing with each other for the high score. The land is under
Henry Has a Bad Day features our protagonist, Henry, during the worst day of his life. Some people have a bad day when it rains, or when their cat dies. Henry's bad day occurs on his latest trek to a set of Aztec ruins, accompanied by a small research team. Henry wakes up to find himself precariously placed on a sacrificial altar at the top of the Aztec ruins, which is now surrounded by horrible, grotesque creatures that want nothing more than to rip his heart out. Henry must find his run, dodge, and sneak his way to safety, and he must always be wary of his heart rate; heart rate, after all, is how these creatures seem to detect their prey. Henry must carefully manage his heart rate by avoiding strenuous physical activity (like sprinting long distances), as well as keeping a healthy, heart-safe distance from the creatures, which will cause Henry to panic and his heart rate to increase with their immediate presence. During this trial, Henry will meet a variety of characters; some of them simply want to survive; some of them simply want others not to survive. Henry will be confronted with moral questions that will challenge his humanity as he is forced to choose between trying to save his comrades and sacrificing them to the creatures to enable his own escape... and perhaps for a darker purpose as well. Henry Has a Bad Day was developed with the Unity 3D game engine. It represents a dark, quirky, and disturbingly humorous adventure built around the mechanic of managing one's heartbeat, the moral ambiguity of sacrificing others to save oneself, and the ultimate question that plagues the greatest and worst of men in a post-apocalyptic world: how the hell does my wife always manage to call me at the WORST possible time? Here's hoping you don't have a bad day...
The Ouroboros. The snake eating it's own tail, a perpetual cycle man must fight to survive. Eventually one must die and the cycle begins again.
Press any key to start.
Nobody will ever see it coming.