Past Games

Juego para la Game Jam 2022. Estás en tu prisión mental donde debes enfrentarte a tus mayores miedos.
Un juego que consiste en rastrear y eliminar fantasmas en un cementerio. Dado a que se genera de forma procedural, existe un menú para elegir la dificultad.
Dungeon Tactical Bullet Hell
You wake up on a school and don't remember your pass, you have to go throught school finding clues about what happened and who are you WASD and mouse to move E or F to interact
Giving a twist to the traditional Dungeon Games, you take the rule as the Dungeon Master commanding your troops to attack the Heroes trying to hunt you down, while also putting traps, repairing them a
Completa las secuencias de teclas para reparar los objetos antes de que salgan de la cinta.
Minimal, abstrac game based on movement transmission, which is also played with a single BIG black and white button that makes it more physical.
"Runner" versus de dos jugadores. Cada jugador tiene que esquivar los obstáculos en una pista infinita. El jugador que no colisione con ninguno gana.
Eres Amanda, una espia en el G.O.H.S. (Grey Odd Humans Ship). Encuentra y transmite el código de los escudos de esta extraña nave. Solo así podrás salvar el mundo.
Frenetic LAN shooter! Destroy your invisible enemies with your wave gun! Beware of being exposed by the explosion waves. *Be careful with the Windows firewall the first time playing.
This is a two player highly competitive game, 1vs1, played on the same computer. You simply jump around on a big grid, generating waves every time you fall.
Two players (red and blue) take turns placing tiles of their color on a 6x6 board. If the tile a player places touches the tile of another player, it is turned into his color. When all the board is
When we scream we generate sound waves. The idea of this game is to use this waves to beat the opponent. Shout to your oponent. Enjoy our game!
You and your friends go to the pyramids and get drunk, unfortunally, one of your frieds die, and your nerd do a ritual to summon Anubis and resurrect him, but summon a god is hard, and another entitys
Every morning during the festival of San Fermín, there is a parade of giants and big-heads. Ones of them are the kilikis: caricaturesque, but human-like figures that are carried as helmets. Kilikis
Te enfrentas a la prueba más dura de tu vida. 12 pubs, 12 pintas y una gran aventura de locura y alcohol entre pub y pub.
The Village is a kind of resource management game where you play the role of a god, and your believers (dumb tribal people) are the resources.
You and your pal must follow the clues to find the Flujagegaimen.