Dave Sapien

Past Games

Find how compatible your friend is with your persona in this interactive Rorschach quiz. (if we got the multiplayer working in time, bloody servers!)
Double Blood is a rhythm based FPS endless runner. Take your hear in your hand as you tap to your varying heartbeat in an abstract afterlife landscape. By double tapping in time with your hear you must avoid ghostly villans that mean to stop you in your journey. How long can you last?
It's a snake. With its tail in its mouth. How more in keeping with the theme could it be? Oh wait... pay attention to the background... is that - could that be - the same thing? But at a later stage in the circle of life? \ \ Team Name: Tri-Corner
A heart wrenching journey of death. Feel the unbelievable finality of extinction.
Bacteria Warfare! pits you, one good bacteria, against the ailing forces of the evil bacterial set on one goal. To infest and block your sink! You must use your colour changing ability to deceive the evil bacteria into chasing and consuming the food that you plant, in a daring attempt to distract them for the longest time possible.