Danjel Ricci

Past Games

Between cold snowy mountains and risky weather, find and meet with another explorer only by following the echoes of your own voices. Hurry before daylight is gone!
Defend your cargo train against a horde of hostile motorized enemies who want you dead! Under constant fire, keep repairing your train while executing maneuvers to get rid of the assaulters.
Home is where belongings of others are... Play as a thief and take whatever you can find in a seemingly empty house. Beware of simple dangers that hide the way to a very peculiar treasure...
1vs1 dual stick shooter where you have to blow your opponent out of the arena.
Play the role of mighty exorcist Ray Bibbia and type your way against the devil. A frantic mix between a shoot 'em up and a typing game!
What happens when the popular golden hero gets defeated, and nobody else can stand a chance against the evil one? A bunch of villagers decides to take the charge and go to the rescue all together!
This is an autobiographical game about tribulations and difficulties to develop a game around the very hard and philosophical theme of the GGJ 2014, by our team of five random guys. Unfortunately m
You are in control of the single beats of a man's heart! The man will undergo different events in the game, and your task is to keep the heart beating at the right speed: beat too slow or too fast, and the poor man will not feel so good... Use of Konami Code is suggested.