Daniel Oosterwijk

Past Games

You're an alien stranded on the far off future planet of... Earth.
https://youtu.be/G2MhVNrYkF4 Everything is sticky in space! Fight other players in a battle royale ship construction mess. Insert rest of description here.
We wanted to challenge ourselves this year and create a game for a custom processor we have been working on for uni.
FAST, PACED, ACTION PACKED, EXGRAVAGANSA, MINI GAMES BANANA. Be prepared for some quick mini games at increasing speed. How long can you last
Ride a wave expressed as a sum of many sine waves, and try to avoid the deadly laser for as long as possible. Literally every single button is the controls.
NECROMANCERS - FIGHT! Two diabolic ritualistic necromancer summoner masters are fighting to destroy each other. Local 1v1 with two controllers or keyboard.
Four player coop top down precision movement time management frustration and yelling simulator You play as four butlers who must help their insane and evil old master with completely random jobs arou
Shine your torch on the enemies to make them become like you. (ie, not murderous) Press K on the keyboard for mouse and keyboard controls, and Y on an xbox gamepad to use that.