Daniel Månsson

Past Games

A VR game where you try to repair a crumbling tower. You are standing on the tower and you get materials and tools to keep the tower standing as long as possible.
Welcome to the Future of Breakfast. Rainbows. Goldberg Machines. RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINES. Can you make some coffee, goldberg style?
Join up with friends and immerse yourself in an epic high pace survival whale simulator! Chow down on some delicious food and avoid the tidal wave of shit that follows.
The sacred goat ritual of the Umuguba Tribe has begun, but you seem to be the only one concerned about the totem pole withstanding the festivities?!
RandomFighter is a 2.5D platform brawler. Though it is in a recognizable "3 KO´s for the win" format, each game the players are spawned as Ninjas with randomized abilities, weaknesses and s