Past Games

Co-op backstabby tiny man game. 4 people play on JUST ONE Xbox controller!! Or keyboard, if you must. Beware of the surprising controls if you bump into your fellow dwarves!
An antithesis to the one button game genre! Use 8 keys to control your worm - each key controls a segment of the body. It's more intuitive than it sounds, and if you get the rhythm just right then you can set quite a pace! Be careful to avoid the hazards that might cause your extinction as you mosey through a variety of obstacles in a bid to prevent the extinction of your species. Use these 8 keys to control the worm: S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L Line your fingers up on those 8 keys and see if you can hit a rhythm that gets your worm moving along.
Meetings at the office are boring! Your quest is to escape for an early weekend by using items around you to deceive your colleagues and make good your escape. There will be hilarious encounters along the way as you enjoy this brand new adventure from the RocketHands team.