Past Games

A card game where you must seek a matching third according to a requesting attribute, by bidding your and other player's cards.
Please, everyone stand up for our judge: you, the player. Welcome to the kingdom of Throwne, where the monarchy may hide something, or may not.
¡Bienvenido a la expedición! El mundo antiguo esconde grandes tesoros, se parte del grupo de saqueadores. Jugarán entre 2 o hasta en un grupo de 4 personas, donde intentarán reclamar tesoros ance
Board game about collaborative skills and personal dexterity while managing subway services within the subway’s public infrastructure.
A first person non-lineal experience is unfolded in a dreamed and abstract space where gravity shifts according to platform ramps and stairs.
A game where two witches have to collect the broken souls of their fallen minions, the Mexican lycanthropes known as Nahuales.
Statera, at its heart, is a game about cooperation and coordination.
Description: This is an analog and a digital turn-based strategy multiplayer game. It's about a clash between two group of monster, claiming which is going to destroy the city in which the game
It's a multiplayer death-match game, in which the food chain is calculated each round (independent form previous rounds) in a populated dot population (25 dots), in which for every species has tw