Past Games

A game about vikings that are constantly travelling
Un asalariado se le presenta la oportunidad para obtener un acenso, por lo que debe hacer una presentación lo más motivate e inspirador posible. Para ello deberá él mismo estar motivado y vigorizado.
2 speakers fight over the leadership of their team color in an exciting "Tagada" wave battle!
You are a shaman, and you help people with a ritual in which you send your spirit animal, and eagle, to fly among the stars and link together constellations so they may grant you their power. Heale
Two platelet want to defend the pulmonary artery of the evil forces of the cholesterol army, our heroes come in two different ways, not knowing that they're gonna find themselves in a full on war, not only with the cholesterol army but with themselves.... "Ataque Cardiaco" is a two player co-op shooter game, where the two ships confront each other face to face against virus and other threats, the players must be careful not only of the enemy but to their own ally having to also avoid incoming ally bullets to save a human life. The game have both cooperative and competitive multiplayer. the game controls with a keyboard, wasd controllers for player one and the arrows keys for player 2.