Past Games

So many parties but nothing to wear! Let's go see if we can find some cool outfits to wear at the local "Lost & Found" Op Shop.
A musical colour-mixing puzzle game where you can add and subtract colours.
This game deals with depression and the rituals that a person can practice in their everyday actions to help them cope (or not cope) with daily life.
Oh no! The Space Chickens are getting sucked into an exploding sun! What do we do now? Co-operate with your space team to avoid asteroids and save them from a fiery death.
"A moody suspense thriller with a twist.
Protect your territory. Use your sonar pulse to intercept and destroy all submarines. Don't let any submarines past your guard and watch out for those torpedoes A casual arcade game inspired by the aesthetics of old game & watches, Limbo, and Luftrauser. It's a highly playable game which merges strategy with timing to create a new level of finger-biting action.