Past Games

It's a game about how do people try to show themselves different of who they really are in social networks. In this game you will have to react to different Facebook posts but you probably won
This is a game about immigration. There's a raft full of beans trying to escape their home because even when they love it, they are afraid to be in there.
The species mutate to adapt they transmit their genetic information to the next generations or get extinct.
The year is 2017 and as the bee population dwindles.
Our game it's about a Drone Honey Bee collecting pollen. We also build a VR version for use with Google Cardboard.
A game about a spaceship crew trying to save their lifes.
Game about ninjas, blood and interdimensional travels.
John has loved to eat since he was a kid; however, as time goes by and he gets older, he has an increasing difficulty in processing the same (unhealthy) food he has always eaten. Talem, an ATP molecule representing John´s metabolism, has to try as hard as he can to prevent John from having a stroke. Instructions: -Move using the arrow keys dodge the unhealthy greases to prevent them from clogging John´s heart.
Two powerful forces keep dueling in the infinite universe, trying to claim who will be the next Era leader, Chaos -the destruction energy- or Cosmos -the harmony energy-.