Past Games

you play as a lonely shaman brought to a barren wasteland by the elder gods. using the leap motion control you take over the hands of the shaman as he is assaulted by the Petro loa from up above.
Go on an epic adventure to make sure you're character has free reign over his own imagination!!!
With the theme of this year in mind, we soon found out that we did not want to end up with the typical games that'd involve any rythm, pulse, love etc. whatsoever. After a mad brainstorming session, the concept of Insane Fantasy Rider was born. The game is basically a continuous trip on drugs, where the player has to stay on the highest possible level of tripping by taking a variety of drugs. The beast that our player is riding needed help in getting rid of his enemies, and that's where our story began. While riding the beast through absolute awesomeness, you have to swallow little men that contain various drugs. If you've collected enough drugs, the beast will lick you in your face out of pure happiness for helping him, causing you to trip even harder. You'll have to be careful however, if you take too much drugs you'll end up getting an overdose which your heart cannot handle!
You are Bunny, a depressed Phoenix, looking to kill itself.