Colin Creitz

Past Games

You work on some sort of dystopian repair line in a sealed chamber. There are wrenches attached to your hands. You do not know why. We do not know why, stop asking.
Everyone has secrets. While hanging out at your best friends' house distract your friend to learn their deepest secrets.
You are an Elder Goober that must save the misguided Goobers in peril from imminent danger by transmitting ancient glyphs of wisdom. The GGJ 2018 theme was "Transmission" - We decided t
Headphone Goldfish is about an oblivious fish who swims through the ocean while listening to sick beats. How to play: Move your mouse back and forth to control your speed. Slow down or speed up
You are being trained to train a critter to do tasks pleasing to your own Trainer. The Trainer's motives are inscrutable.
Space sheep fear space herders, but they like each others' space company.