Coisinha Verde

Past Games

You and your friends are survivors of a spaceship crash in the Planet of the Clowns. Hordes of clowns are attacking the ship.
"MicroWave Survivor" is a bullet hell survivor game, where the player is inside the microwave and must survive from the worst enemies ever: photon waves!
"Seven Locks, Five Gates and Three Wizards" is a card game print and play for three players.
An epic journey that leads to the greatest story ever told!
Fantasy disappears as the child grows. The childhood that we all know. This age of dreams, fun and color shades. When time runs out everything fades.
In a cyberpunk civilization, a man has the power to synchronize with the frequency of the machines. With this new power, he has to find the truth behind his creation.
The players are ancient gods from different mythologies surviving the mighty serpent creature. They must increase the number of worshipers in order to protect the planets in their domains. Acquiring more planets and fighting the beast is the best way to win.