Past Games

Puzzle game using Oculus VR.
This is a game where you play Franchesco de fetus and you go on an adventure in your mother's dead body in order to give her a heartbeat again. Due to severe time constraints, we provide you with a prototype of a game that we would, one day, like to flesh (pun intended) out. You must navigate through mazes dodging the cholesterol pellets to get to your mother's heart to save her.
You are Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent. Born of the infamous relationship of Loki and Angrboda. Cast into the sea by Odin. So large, you could surround the world and grasp your own tail. Causer of the ocean currents. Eventual killer of Thor at Ragnarok. \ \ Feared by the men of the north, for causing the currents that could destroy their vessels. Destroy those who's gods casted you into the sea forever. Your long body is impermeable. Your eyes can cause wind to destroy your enemies. But this same advantage is also a weakness. Do not let the north men strike your eyes.
Voxel Slayer. Split screen, multiplayer, shooter. The playing field loses tiles over time.
Game in which the player must defeat those opponents who cross his/her path. In a world where you can only move in one dimension (forward) stepping aside is not an option. Defeat the opponents to continue your never ending journey forward. Defeated opponents will join your side and aid you to defeat others who cross you path.