Past Games

Ubuntu is an emotional adventure through the conflict between two tribes. Be responsible for your actions and learn with them, using this knowledge to know things around you.
FEEL is a journey about self-knowledge of a soul wandering in a strange world. While it tries to prove that his heart is ready for his beloved one. In middle of this strange plot, monsters, and a dangerous dungeon inside hero`s mind will try to prevent this soul from conquering his place in the world. FEEL, at first sight, is nothing more than just another plataformer with cute graphics, and maybe that`s exactly what it is. A platformer made with care and a lot of hard work, trying to put human emotions in an ludic world, playing with colors and different visual tricks. Controls: Arrow keys - Movement Z - Jump (Twice to double jump) X - Run (With that, you can make longer jumps) Glad for your attention, and good feelings.