Past Games

Description: Majakka is a small puzzle game, where the player has to help find our main character, Jesse, a way back home. This has to be accomplished without speaking a single word.
Play as all or one of 4 homeless animals surviving on the rough city streets as their new home, stealing food from humans. Playable with up to 4 players Co-op.
U-Boot Simulation – Drive to oyur Home Port. Long lost on the ocean, you and your crew is heading home. Accompanied by the letters you received before your journey.
An evil cat goes ham
Welcome worker drone. PLAN-EX is the leading home world creation service for aliens without a planet.
"Welcome kid to your new Job! The next global game jam is coming up and we need to maintain our servers.
You find yourself in an old and rundown aircraft, trying to remain airborn. But you and your friend are under attack and must try to keep everything working.
One of the first thing coming to our minds when thinking about "transmissions" are failing internet connections at home.
Dr. Trance is on a mission. On a mission to stop the Transmission!
You are in control of new humans entering the city. Make sure to 'correct' their behavior before they get set free.
A simple 4-player local multiplayer game. Shoot Self-Destruction Transmissions towards your enemy's robots. If they get hit by it, they destroy themselves!

Hearty Games