Christopher Marcel

Past Games

A child named Polaris finds the ancient home of a magician in ruins, amid the forests far from civilization. However, nothing is known about the location.
You are a blacksmith and you need to take care of the weapons of the heroes who frequent your establishment during the day and fix the monsters, as a wizard, by night.
The game is based on a meme that is a parody of a Brazilian politician. A social movement of homeless people are trying to occupy a neighborhood and creating havoc with the people that live there.
Octavio, the octopus, has to protect his most precious treasure: his home. Use the keys 1 to 4 to select a tentacle, aim your shot with your mouse and whip the enemies away.
Tobias vê seu destino traçado por uma enorme onda que chega à praia onde o mesmo reside.
Jogo conta a história de um caçador de fantasmas que segue fielmente a religião " Monoceratos" ( Explicada para o jogador no decorrer do game).