Christopher Hodel

Past Games

In a dying world, a wandering stranger finds a relic which can awaken the pylons. The pylons built the world, the pylons nurture the world, the pylons make will manifest.
A rhythm game, Where you are a spaceship riding on sound waves inside a vortex over 4 environments, and you have to maneuver around or jump over 4 distinct obsticles
A swashbuckling adventure where you pilot a ship on the high seas dodging waves of water to avoid having dastardly enemies board your ship.
We are your local Hello Mart. We love our customers. We love our Mart. We guarantee somebody will be at the door to greet you, or our name isn't Hello mart. But it is.
You are an "expert" thief who heard that The Most Valuable Diamond in the World will be unguarded for one night only.